The Body Power Inversion Table Review


The Body Power inversion table is a solid back pain relief product, and certainly one of the best in its category. If you contribute to this infamous statistics, you could use a nice but affordable solution to make your everyday life a little bit easier. We think that Body Power is just what you might need here. To prove it, we will go through its most important elements and features.


Unlike many other devices of this kind, Body Power provides its users with the chair-style design, which is very convenient as it removes initial pressure from feet. This really gives you a chance to prepare for inversion safely and comfortably. It consists of sturdy steel elements, which altogether adds to product safety. But to be completely honest – with so many elements included, and the head hanging down, inversion tables will hardly ever leave an impression of unbreakable products. Power Body also comes with deluxe foam padding and side pockets. It has four skid-resistant rubber bands on the lower bars to prevent any kind of instability, regardless of your home surface or mat cover.

This inversion table nominally supports a weight capacity of 300 pounds. However, according to many user comments, it becomes rather unstable even in case you have around 250 pounds, so maximum capacity may be a little exaggerated. Power Body dimensions are 48.8 x 37 x 6.9 inches, while it is delivered as a 71.5-pound package. Just like other inversion tables, it can support various height ranges – from somewhat below 5 ft. to 6 ft. 5 in. Though you can invert all by yourself (spreading arms and adjusting their angle), it is much easier to use the padded handlebars. These are long enough so that you can reach out and grab them in any given position. When not used, Power Body is very narrow, but still high enough to be noticed, so it is probably the best to place it under bed, behind your closet, or next to it. This inversion table is rather safe, offering double safety protection with strap and safety bar.


According to buyer comments, it takes everything from half hour to two hours to assembly the Power Body inversion table, but my opinion is that it should not take you more than one hour. Yes, assembly guide is a little tricky as it doesn’t really offer complete instructions, but the whole process is not exactly rocket science. So, it will only take you some patience and intuitive thinking to finish the job. However, make sure to bring your own tools to assembly Power Body – the ones you receive with this table don’t really help the craftsmanship.



You begin with a chair-like position, which is great because it gives you the possibility to comfortably adjust ankle support levers. However, you should wear your shoes or something, since ankle support is not too cozy, so don’t use it barefoot. After that, you will secure the height pin-lock in a way that suits you best and begin sliding back, while the backrest will start changing shape from chair to flat, bed-like look. You can control the inversion angle using a yellow bar, which allows you three basic positions – almost fully horizontal, a 45-degree position, and almost fully vertical, upside-down position. Angle adjustments are very easy to change and control, while there is also a tether strap to provide you with some extra safety.

Once you find yourself lying on the table, you will notice how comfortable it is. As a matter of fact, it is surprisingly comfortable for this price range. It’s very easy to lie down and invert – all it takes is but a gentle swing of arms. Given the fact that Power Body is some 70 pounds in weight, it leaves a great impression of stability and strength once you find yourself in such an unusual body position. One user experience that I ran into suggested that his bodyweight was bit of a problem while pulling up, but frankly speaking there’s really nothing that the Power Body inversion table can do about it. Furthermore, handle bars give you more than enough support in that regards, and you can also go back to the starting position by using your arms alone. After this entire session is completed, you’ll figure out that Power Body is a great back pain relief device – it’s really hard to imagine any other inversion table in this category offering that much comfort and safety. And since I’ve seen so many questions about it, there is one more thing to notice here: this inversion table is very reliable and stable, but you should not use it to work out. There are other, more convenient devices and gadgets for that purpose.



  • Great chair-style design, it gives you the best starting point
  • Very stable, with heavy and sturdy elements
  • Supports more than enough weight, while still remaining safe
  • It is narrow and easy to store in your home
  • Simple angle adjustments
  • The most comfortable inversion table of this category



  • Ankle levers are not that cozy. It is better to wear shoes than use it barefoot
  • Toolkit is amateur, you will probably need to use your own screwdrivers and wrenches



The Body Power inversion table is extremely accommodating, so don’t hesitate to try it out. It is well-made, simple to assemble, with very easy-to-use elements like handle bars or height adjustments. And the chair design is totally innovative and helpful, much more convenient than traditional flat tables! It is definitely worth the price and probably even underrated when compared to much more expensive inversion tables that offer you nothing more than Power Body. So, go on and check it out, you will not regret it!