Body Champ Inversion Therapy Table

Body Champ is a well-known brand when it comes to sporting goods and equipment and this inversion table is no different. The quality of the materials used and the versatility of the table is really good, which does make it a great investment for any person not educated in the field of inversion tables or inversion therapy. Here are a few of the fundamentally important parts of the table that you should know before you buy:

Assembly process:

For shipping purposes, most train equipment is broken up into smaller pieces and you will need to go about assembling the product yourself. Many people sometimes stray away from these products for the fear of not being able to assemble the product, but with the Body Champ IT8070 inversion table, there will be no need to be afraid.

This inversion table is quite easy to assemble and the directions given are also quite clear and concise. The tools required to fully assemble the table is also included, but we are not completely happy with the utility tool included and you will be much better off heading to the hardware store and buying your own.

The inversion should not take much longer than 1-2 hours to completely assemble once you receive it and after that, it will be ready to use.  The inversion table is also quite heavy and weighs in at about 50lbs and the dimensions are 55 1/2 x 29 1/2 x 57 7/8 (L x W x H). Finding a suitable place to keep the inversion table might be your only challenge.

Build Quality:

The Body Champ IT8070 inversion table is one of the most lightweight inversion table, especially the frame. This does make the table easier to move, but the weight will be limited. The recommended weight limit on this inversion table is 250lbs, with 6”4’ being the maximum height. The construction is quite solid and once you are on the table, it will not shake or wobble, thus giving you more peace of mind and ensure better performance.

We highly recommend this inversion table for people of average build and medium weight to ensure that not too much strain is put on the table. There are; however, some bulkier inversion tables on the market for the heavier individuals, but they are also significantly more expensive than this Body Champ inversion table.

Another thing we take into consideration when looking at the build quality is the padding. Since you might be using this due to back problems or strains, you will want something that is not too hard and doesn’t put too much strain on the back. This is where this inversion table does excel and you will find that the comfortable padding will be ideal for prolonged exercises on the inversion table.


While the inversion table does have a maximum height for you to take into consideration, it is also ideal for shorter individuals and since the table can be used by the entire family, you will need some way of adjusting the comfort to make it possible for everyone to use.

The Body Champ IT8070 makes adjustment easy during the assembly process if you are the only one planning to use it, but if you have more people planning on using it, you will need to adjust the footing and the ankle locking system as well. This process is actually quite easy and it should not take you more than 10 minutes to do.  The spring-loaded adjustment setting and special knop on the table and ankle support system will allow you to adjust the table to the perfect size for your needs. We do highly recommend that you always wear the safety strap, but this is even more important when adjusting the table for inversion.

Inversion process:

Body champ is not only easy to use, but also safe for beginners.  The table features a safety rod that will lock in place once you reach a certain level, but it can also be set to 140 degrees when not in use. The safety strap and handlebars will give you full control over the inversion process and you will be able to do this in an easy and manageable way.

To get back into the starting position, the U-shaped handrails will be ideal for helping you get back up and while you might have a few scares at the start when you are not used to this, you will find yourself enjoying it more and more as you get used to the table.

For beginners, we recommend using the tether strap, this will allow you to set the degrees of incline and the shorter the strap, the less inclined you will have. This strap is great for getting more comfortable and eventually proceeding to full incline and relieving as much stress and tension in the back as possible.

Ankle support:

Nothing will be more frustrating that relieving back pain, only for your ankles to take some strain and eventually hurt. Unfortunately, ratchet locking ankle clamps cannot be fitted to the table and this has been left out to make the inversion table a little more affordable. Instead, you will get 4 decent foam rollers with extra padding for you to slip your ankles into.

These ankle rollers are actually quite comfortable and the pain experienced from them were largely varied from individual to individual. The people who did feel some pain were largely affected due to having previous ankle injuries and surgeries or being a little too heavy for the ankles to hold the weight and push through the padding of the rollers.

With the addition of the safety strap, you should not have to worry too much about this. If you do not have any previous ankle problems and you are below the recommended weight limit, the 4 padded rollers will keep you secure without doing damage to your ankles.


As we have mentioned in all of the preceding sections, the Body Champ IT8070 does have a decent safety strap for your comfort and to ensure you do not fall off. The inversion table also features a good and easy-to-adjust handle bar that will accommodate all sizes under the recommended height and the added tether strap should be ideal when it comes to regulating the angle of inclination.

As far as safety, this inversion table will be good for anyone in the family, given that you do not exceed the recommendations. We still recommend that children do not use this table without parent supervision as they might not understand and take all of the safety precautions before using it.

Overall, we do highly rate this inversion table in terms of safety for everyone in the family to use.


The storage part of this table is quite tricky and it is not that easy to do if it is not in use. The table does take up a lot of space and this might make it hard to keep out of sight. With the table itself, being adjustable, you will be able to store things underneath the table and sometimes on top of it, but it will be hard to hide when guests are coming.

Luckily, the table is not too heavy and can easily be moved to the garage or to another room when it is not in use.


  • Decent safety lock will allow you to secure movements and an adjustable height boom makes it ideal for everyone in the family.
  • Easy to reach handrails and thanks to the specially designed U-shape, these handrails will always be in reach and easy for you to get back upright.
  • Lightweight design and frame makes it easier to move somewhere out of the way and might give you some more flexibility in terms of storage.
  • Decent tether strap for beginners to get past the fear of using the table and relief back pain gradually.


  • Ankle lock pin is placed very low, which does make it hard to reach and you will need to bend over all the way to reach it.
  • Useless tool included that will make the assembly process quite tricky and timely and might even cost you buy a new tool at the hardware store.
  • Low-density foam rollers might sometimes cause discomfort for those with weak ankles or ankle problems during the inversion therapy.

Is it worth the price?

Coming in at less than $300, the Body Champ IT8070 inversion table is one of the more affordable options on the market, granted you are not more than 250lbs. This table provides good versatility and anyone in the family should be comfortable when it comes to using it. We do highly recommend it for the value and for the price.