Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Therapy Table

With growing health problems such as back and joint problems, the concept of the inversion therapy table is gaining popularity with every passing day. It is a great technological innovation that uses the secret power behind the gravitational pull to get rid of the extra pressure felt by the spine. Once the user settles on the chair such that the head is at a level lower than the feet, the pressure on the spine is released. As the impact of the machine has been widely acclaimed all over the globe, numbers of brands have been introduced in the market. The users, on the other hand, are still looking for the most suitable product in the market. The customers look for the best brand which yields the best results in the most reasonable budget possible.

This Inversion Therapy Table has answered many queries of the users who are looking for the best inversion therapy tables. It has all the innovative features at a reasonable price. Due to its consistently outclassing reviews, it is considered as the most reliable and efficient way to resolve the issues related to thespine. It is a great option for those with heavy weights as it can easily support up to 600 pounds.

The Features

The initial objective of the table was to use it for the commercial purpose, but gradually the positive results compelled more and more customers to get it for their personal use too. It comes with the dual adjustability and can be usedwith face-down or face-up position. The back support is extremely comfortable because of the foam padding. The user can conveniently return to any angle with the help of the full arc handlebars. For further comfort and ease front and rear ankle bracelet are also added to the inversion table. So far it is the only one of its kind in the market that has both the face-up and face-down positioning options.

The tableis made with the sturdy tubular steel, but even then it is a user-friendlyoption for good health. The user can enjoy the benefits of the unique features of the six stipulated angles and a head support. To ensure the safety, security, comfort and convenience of the user padlock system is introduced. The ankle bracket is an excellent remedy to fight back the back problems of the subject user. These two features help a lot in staying in a comfortable and secure posture when in a face-down position. To avoid any injury, the inversion table comes with the rolled thigh and knee supports.

The overall dimensions of this inversion table are28 inches wide, 58 inches high with 45 inches circumference. With these dimensions, the user gets enough space to accommodate comfortably.People with an average height of 6 feet and 6 inches can do the workouts comfortably. Due to the firm structure, a user as heavy as 600 pounds can use it comfortably. The non-motorized therapy table is flexible and can be rotated up to 180 degrees. At this angle, the body receives the best gravity clasp and back.It is fitted with the wheels that allow moving the table comfortably in any location, plus it is easy to store.

How to assemble?

The Pro Max comes with easy to follow instructions. The packaging includes the manual that can assist the user in assembling the parts together in a comfortable manner. The user is instructed to follow the proceduresto come up with the levels of the warranty. It is easy to follow the instructions as the manual comes with the pictorial description. The manual has step by step details in an easy to follow manner. The minor parts are pre-joined to the table. Hence, it offers hassle-free fitting. Once the instructions are followedcorrectly, it would take only an hour to fix all the pieces together.

The Benefits

Health Mark Pro has revealed the most surprising results regarding health and fitness. It is very easy to explore these therapeuticallybenefits. It requires only lying down on the padded bedding, extend the arms behind the head and then adjust the body according to the changing angles. The impact can be maximized by choosing from the five preset angles. The results are worth mentioning. By spending merely ten minutes on the bed as per the instructions of the therapists the user can get rid of the related ailments including muscle pain, back pain, circulatory problems and the compressed spinal cord.

What have the users to say?

It is a pretty expensive option for those who are looking for a slightly budget friendly option, but still the overall performance is commendable. The users find it very helpful in curing their problems. It is the only option of the inversion therapy table available in the market that comes with the dual option of face-up or face-down position. It is as good for a heavy person as it is a heavy one. The wheels attached have given it an easy mobility so it can be moved around very comfortably.


Tjios is one of the best inversion tables in the market. With state of the art, innovative construction and unique features, it is no doubt worth getting. It is a great gift for fitness freaks all over the world. Moreover, online availability has made it further easy to get for personal fitness.