Inversion Table vs Inversion Chair: What Is the Difference?

Inversion therapy is an ancient medical concept whose technicalities have evolved for the better over the years. Traditionally, people simply got in an inverted position by sitting or lying down then lowering their heads to the ground. Modern technology enabled scientists to come up with machines to aid in inversion therapy. Inversion tables came first then inversion chairs followed as a product of necessity and convenience.

Inversion therapy is definitely a concept that is worth trying if you wish to get relief from certain body aches such as back pains. Notably, it is important to consult your doctor in order to establish whether inversion therapy is a safe and viable option you. Also, you will find out which device will work best for your case. This calls for us to establish the differences between inversion tables and inversion chairs.

Inversion table

The inversion was the first machine developed to aid in inversion therapy. As the name suggests, the device comes in form of a table with straps and handles for support. As a user, you stand on the table’s foot rest and rest your body on the flat table surface. You strap your ankles at the foot rest then shift your weight backwards on the table gradually until you are in an inverted position.The inversion table has different degrees of inversion hence allowing you to start small as you progress towards full inversion. The main concept of the inversion table is that your weight rests on your feet, ankles and knees since these will be the moving parts during your inversion.

When your inversion therapy session is over, you again shift your weight to your ankles in order to come back to a standing position. The design and functionality of the inversion table led to the creation of the inversion chair since most users complained of pain in the ankles, feet, neck and hips due to strain.

The inverted position achieved on an inversion table relaxes body muscles and eliminates pressure from joints. As such, it heals the body of aches and pains. It is advisable to start small by having short therapy sessions of about two minutes in order to get a hang of inversion. With time, you can extend the therapy session and invert your body fully on the table.

Inversion chair

As mentioned above, the inversion chair came about as a revised design of the inversion table. The inversion chair takes the form of a chair where it has a sitting surface and a backrest. The user sits in the chair and straps themselves across the laps with the available support straps. As you lean back into the chair, the chair moves into an inverted position.

Notably, there are two designs of the inversion chair. The first one works by inverting the user in the same fashion as an inversion table. Such a chair enables the user to first get into a sitting position and then slowly turn in a fully stretched out position. The second design enables the user to turn in a sitting position only. In both cases, comfort is key.

The inversion chair offers comfort and functionality to the user. How? The user is in a seated position that makes it easy for them to rotate back and forth on the chair. The fact that one’s weight is not concentrated on the ankles and feet means that the user will not get further injuries while conducting the inversion therapy.

Aside from the features and functionality, these inversion machines also differ in benefits. The full inversion on the inversion table takes pressure off your joints and muscles to grant you full body relaxation. However, the table is not recommended for people with arthritis in the ankles and knees and other knee and ankle pains since the symptoms of these conditions will be aggravated after using the inversion table. The inversion chair is ideal for users with back problems and those who wish to have a relaxed inversion experience. The chair is also ideal for people with knee and ankle pains since it will allow these parts to relax during the therapy. However, the inversion chair only works for back problems since the back is stretched out while the rest of the body remains in a sitting position.

If you are overwhelmed about making a decision of the ideal device to use, consult your doctor in order to make an informed decision. If you are able to get a test run on either of these products before your purchase, the better for you.