Ironman Inversion Table

The ironman inversion table allows for people who suffer from back problems to flip upside-down, reducing the pressure on painful vertebrae and increasing the circulation of the body. It can significantly boost the healing to painful portions of the back, and it can give your body a lot of other health benefits if used regularly. Most people can safely use it, but if they are unsure, getting approval from a doctor first is always a beneficial option.

The Overall Benefits of Using an Ironman Inversion Table

One of the most common benefits of an Ironman Inversion Table is the relaxation that it offers the body when in use, and following use. It helps the body relax simply by the positioning, and it reduces the stress that the body feels from everyday movements. Most Ironman Inversion Tables also come with a special pillow that will support the lumbar region of your spine, holding it in the proper alignment while you are inverted so as not to cause excess pain.

Another benefit of the Ironman Inversion Table is the anti-aging effects that it provides, by allowing your body to have an effect that is the opposite of what it would normally experience due to gravity. This can reduce the amount of wrinkles and sagging you would naturally experience, and help you stay looking younger for a longer period of time.

Most people who use an Ironman Inversion Table regularly also notice their body having more longevity and endurance in athletics. Using this table on a regular basis can improve overall flexibility and circulation, giving you the ability to perform longer than before you used the table. The improved circulation also allows your body to begin healing after any type of an injury, more quickly than it would be able to do on its own.

The Drawbacks of An Ironman Inversion Table

One of the biggest drawbacks of these types of tables is the weight. Most of these tables range from just under 50 pounds to over 100 pounds. This can make assembly difficult, especially for those suffering from any type of back injury. This can also make moving the unit around difficult without increasing the risk of reinjuring yourself. Another drawback to some of these units is their overall size. Some of them fold up to be able to make storing them easy, but others stay open and in the way, even when not in use. The other potential problem with an Ironman Inversion Table is that it has the potential to increase one’s blood pressure, so it should only be used after a doctor says that it is safe.

Overall the benefits that come along with using an Ironman Inversion Table are great for many people. There are quite a few options in material, allowing them to be beneficial to anyone that is 6’6″ or smaller. There are safety features that make it to where you cannot get stuck. It is a safe option for most people to use, and as long as people are not trying to move it around regularly or assemble it after an injury, should be the perfect way to add benefit to their lives without the concern of experiencing any additional injuries.